Boxster Oil Change Parts

Boxster Oil Change

Boxster Oil Change, What You Need to Know....

Boxster Oil Change Tools

Oil Change Tool List

  • Porsche Oil Filter Housing Wrench
  • 27mm Socket 1/2″ Drive (for the Porsche Tool)
  • 1/2″ Drive Ratchet
  • Torque Wrench with Adapters as Needed
  • 8mm Hex Bit 3/8″ Socket
  • 3/8″ Drive Socket

Do I Need the Porsche Oil Filter Housing Tool?

You will need either the factory Porsche filter housing removal tool or an equivalent. Normal strap type oil filter wrenches are not suitable for a Boxster and may damage your oil filter housing.

This is the Factory Porsche filter housing removal tool:

This is an equivalent tool:

Supplies Needed

  • 9 Quarts of Oil
  • New Oil Filter
  • New Oil Filter Housing O-Ring, Usually Included with the Filter
  • New Drain Plug or Crush Washer
Boxster Oil Change Parts
Mobil 1, Recommended Oil for the Porsche Boxster

Boxster Oil Capacity

  • 9 Quarts when you change the filter too.
  • Do not Overfill! The Boxster does not like to be over filled, you will experience significant engine problems if you over fill!

Porsche Recommended Oil Viscosity

  • 5W-30 to 15W-50 Climate Depending

Oil Change Interval

  • 15,000 Miles (I change mine at 7,500 or once a year)

Torque Specs

  • Oil Filter Housing to Crankcase: 19 ft lb
  • Oil Drain Plug to Oil Pan: 37 ft lb
Boxster Oil Filter Location

Boxster Oil Filter Location

The filter on the Boxster is located inside of an oil filter housing on the driver’s side of car, it is mounted on the engine towards the rear.

Boxster Oil Drain Plug Location

Boxster Oil Drain Plug Location

The Boxster oil drain plug is located on the bottom of the engine, and roughly in the middle of the oil pan. To remove the drain plug you will need an 8mm hex bit. It is recommended that you change out the crush washer at each oil change.

Boxster with New Oil Filter
Oil Dipstick Porsche Boxster

Draining the Oil

You will drain the oil as any normal car, just be ready for 9 quarts of waste oil! It is prudent to inspect the oil and filter for signs of IMS failure or other wearing problems.

Installing the New Filter

You will press the new filter onto the fitting, then install the filter housing.

Filling the Oil

Fill the Boxster with oil and check the level. The oil level should land in the middle of the two notches on the dipstick.


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